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 New Canaan Country School - Technology Acceptable Use Policy

All electronic messages created, sent or retrieved over the Internet on the school network or Internet system

are the property of New Canaan Country School. The school reserves the right to access and monitor all

messages and files on the computer system as deemed necessary and appropriate. All communications

including text and images sent or received by students via the school computer network or on school

computers can be disclosed to law enforcement or other third parties without prior consent of the sender or

the receiver.

 All use of technology must be in support of education and consistent with the purposes of the school.

 No activity that disrupts the use of the network for others is allowed.

 Hardware or software should not be destroyed, modified, or abused in any way.

 User accounts, passwords, and files are considered to be private. Network accounts are to be used

only by the authorized owner of the account. Users should not intentionally seek out, modify, or erase

passwords or files belonging to other users.

 All software installations must receive prior approval of the Director of Technology. The unauthorized

installation of copyrighted software on school computers is prohibited.

 Use of the Internet to access obscene or pornographic material is prohibited.

 Use of the network to transmit material that is harassing, discriminatory, or likely to be offensive to

the recipient is prohibited.

 Students are not permitted under any circumstances to use computers located at teachers’ desks or

work stations.

Middle and Upper School Addendums

Students should be aware of the distractions that a tablet or laptop can present. We have placed the world at

your fingertips, but given this “constant connectivity,” you need to make a conscious effort to limit distractions

to improve your productivity. This is an essential skill in today’s world. The business of school is to do well in

classes and flourish in an academically rigorous program that prepares you for high school, college and


Appropriate Communications:

- The school’s Behavior Guidelines extend to the electronic world. Transmitting material that is harassing,

discriminatory, or likely to be offensive to the recipient is prohibited. Assume that everything you do online

can be seen by the entire world.

- Students should check their NCCS email accounts daily for school-related communication. In addition,

students should regularly check course pages on the website.

Access to Information:

- Students must keep individual passwords confidential at all times. All accounts issued by NCCS are to be used

only by the authorized owner of the account.

- Students may use the school’s Internet connection only for work that is directly related to academic

assignments or extracurricular projects as directed by NCCS faculty.

Privacy and Personal Property:

- Since laptops, tablets and cell phones have built-in digital cameras, students are never allowed to use these

devices at any time in the school's bathrooms and/or locker rooms.

- Students must not access or use another person's e-mail account or files under any circumstances, nor 

borrow computers or computer accessories without express permission from the owner.

Protecting an Academic Environment:

- Playing games, “chatting”, watching entertainment videos (i.e. YouTube) or accessing websites not associated

with academic work are not allowed while on campus.

- Academic integrity is valued highly at NCCS. Plagiarism of any kind is not acceptable.

- Any potentially disruptive electronic communication, such as texting, Facetime, Skyping, and iMessaging, is

not allowed during the school day.

Equipment and Resources:

- Students are required to bring their laptops/tablets to class. Students must ensure that their machines are

fully charged, functional and able to connect to the Internet.

- Students should not neglect or abuse school-issued tablet/laptop. Middle School students need to keep their

tablets in their issued cases and be mindful of possible situations where they may get damaged, stepped on,

cracked, etc.

- Students are expected to return loaners promptly and treat them with respect. They are property of NCCS

and need to be available for all students when needed.

- Students may not load unapproved apps, software, and plug-ins that will affect the functioning of or damage

school-issued tablets.

Cell Phone Reminder:

If a student brings a cell phone to school, it must be turned off and stored in a locker during the school day. In

addition, students should not use electronic devices to be in touch with parents or others during school hours.

Electronic devices will be confiscated if used during the school day without specific permission.

All community members are expected to contribute to a stable and productive computing environment.

Please respect all NCCS’s community resources and utilize these resources for educational purposes. 



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