NCCS Acceptable Use Policy

Guidelines for Computer Use and Internet Access

NCCS students are expected to be polite and considerate in their use of the school’s electronic resources. It is understood that students will not use obscene language nor utilize any electronic resource to harass, intimidate, libel, or ridicule anyone in the school community or elsewhere. Violations of the policies below may lead to revocation of privileges and other disciplinary measures, with penalties up to and including expulsion from the school.

1. All use of the computer resources and the Internet must be in support of education and consistent with the purposes of NCCS. In particular, playing non-academic games or recreational internet surfing are not an appropriate use of the NCCS computer resources at any time.

2. No activity that disrupts the use of the network for others is allowed. Streaming audio or video content for non-academic purposes uses up our internet bandwidth and is not allowed.

3. Transmitting material that is harassing, discriminatory, or likely to be offensive to the recipient is prohibited.

4. Use of the Internet to access obscene or pornographic material is prohibited.

5. Network or email accounts are to be used only by the authorized owner of the account. Users will not intentionally seek out, modify, or erase the passwords or files belonging to other users.

6. The school expects that all work handed in to teachers is the exclusive work of the individual student. Plagiarism of any kind is not acceptable at the Country School.

7. Hardware or software will not be destroyed, modified, or abused in any way.

8. The unauthorized installation of software on NCCS computers is prohibited. All software installations must receive the prior approval of the Technology Department.

9. Students are not to use computers located at teachers’ desks unless they have received permission from the teacher to whom the machine is assigned. Under all circumstances, students must log in under their own account.


V.3.4 9/1/2008